Bullet Connectors

A bullet connector, also known as a bullet terminal, is an electrical connector commonly used to join wires or cables, particularly in applications such as electric models, bicycles, automobiles, and more.

This type of connector typically consists of two components:

A bullet-shaped pin terminal and a corresponding socket terminal,hence the name "bullet connector."

The bullet-shaped pin terminal is usually soldered or crimped onto the end of one wire,while the socket terminal is similarly attached to the end of another wire.

When it is necessary to connect these two wires,you simply insert the bullet-shaped pin terminal into the socket terminal,creating an electrical connection. This type of connection is known for its ease of engagement and disengagement while providing reliable electrical contact,;making it a common choice in various applications.

Bullet connectors come in various sizes and types to accommodate different applications,meeting requirements for current capacity, environmental conditions, and specific connector purposes.

They find widespread use across a broad range of applications, from hobbyist models to automotive electronic systems.