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  • Wire Harness for Gaming and Amusement Application

    Wire Harness for Gaming and Amusement Application

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    Wire Harness for Industrial Application

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    Wire Harness for Automotive Application

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    Wire Harness for Fitness Application

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    Wire Harness for Medical Equipment Application

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    Wirie Harness for Consumer Electronics, PC Application

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We assembled gaming and amusement assembly as the beginning and has grown to be a well-known and diversified harness supplier. We customize various wire harnesses and interconnect products, small as PCB used, huge as auto control application, and heavy machinery application. Thanks to 20 years of experience in harnesses and assemblies of amusement & gaming machines, Chan Ming has also currently expended its production range towards the sector of the industry, medical equipment, automotive, exercise, etc.



Chan Ming will be present at the 2023 G2E Las Vegas Expo between OCT 10-12. We invite you to visit us at our booth 5321!

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    Wire To Board Connectors

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    Wire To Parts Connectors

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    Wire To Wire Connectors

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