Consumer electronics, computers, laptops, and the various supporting devices used with these applications are constantly undergoing innovation. Staying at the forefront of industry developments, Chan Ming is able to offer customized electronic wiring harness solutions to meet the ever-changing demand.

For computer applications. Chan Ming offers various type of electronic wire harness, including USB cables, RCA cables, VGA cables, SATA Cables, IDC cables, HDMI, and DVI. USB cables can be customized per your demand. We offer diverse types of USB connectors, such as type A/B, mini-A/B, micro-A/B and can produce to the length you need.

Some of the special application cable assemblies Chan Ming provide include LAN Cables designed as keystone or RJ45, in both Cat5e and Cat6 format or so , IDC Flat Cable-RGG flat ribbon cable connectors, and LVDS cables commonly using in products such as LCD-TVs, automotive infotainment systems, and industrial cameras.