Advantages of Chan Ming Wiring Harness Products

When choosing the design for a wire harness, there are many parameters that must be taken into consideration. You will want to work with a dependable manufacturer who can assure that you receive the best designed products. Chan Ming provides reliable and professional service that will give you confidence and are getting the best products at reasonable price.

  • Experience

    With over 20 years’ experience, Chan Ming provides efficient and reliable, customized solutions for all your electronic applications. We customize wire harnesses for products as small as PCBs to as large as automotive and heavy machinery applications.

  • Teamwork

    At Chan Ming we value our customers’ feedback and work with you to provide solutions that make connecting easy. By developing strong business relations, bringing our ideas together, and working together to develop new products, we continue to stay competitive in the ever-developing world of electronics. When electric interfaces can be connected quickly, reliably, and efficiently, productivity is increased and businesses grow.


  • Connector Visual Inspection (1)
  • proimages/process/process-11_浮水印.jpg
  • Connector Visual Inspection (2)
  • proimages/process/process-12_浮水印.jpg
  • Connector Visual Inspection (3)
  • proimages/process/process-13_浮水印.jpg
  • Pulling Test
  • proimages/process/process-14_浮水印.jpg


  • Signal Inspection
  • proimages/process/process-15_浮水印.jpg
  • Visual Inspection
  • proimages/process/process-16_浮水印.jpg