Chan Ming has different kinds of wire accessories for customers, such as cable tie/tube, switches, ferrite core etc.
  • Cable Tie & Tube
    Cable Tie & Tube
    • Various of cable tie or tube.
    • Material: PVC/Nylon
  • Micro Switch
    Micro Switch
    • Various of micro switch
  • Toggle Switch
    Toggle Switch
    • Various of toggle switch
  • Electrical Terminals
    Electrical Terminals
    • Non-Insulated Terminals
    • Insulated Terminals
    • Insulated Quick Connectors
    • Cord End Terminals
    • Butt Splice & Other Connectors
  • Ferrite Core
    Ferrite Core
    • Various of ferrite core
  • T&A, SLH, LW Connectors
    T&A, SLH, LW Connectors
    • Different pins of T&A, SLH, LW connectors